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Fair Travel

More than two narratives...?

“Fair Travel” is our Israeli-Palestinian tourism joint venture. Together with our partner, the LIFEGATE Rehabilitation Center in the Palestinian Autonomous Territories we believe in the power of “small beginnings.”

Based on the European experience, we see the benefits of economic cooperation and a shared vision as “peace dividends,” which provide the basis for coexistence and cooperation between equal partners.

“Fair Travel” study trips offer you the opportunity to experience life in both Israel and the Palestinian Autonomous Territories.
In practice, that means that one part of the tour takes place in Israel, with an Israeli guide, while the other part takes place in the Palestinian Autonomous Territories, with an Palestinian guide. Leading figures from politics, business and culture will share their views and their different narratives with us – and we will find out that there are more than just two of them!


Our multi narrative approach allows your group to get to know the many different angles and opinions – by inspiring first hand encounters with the people that live here

Create a custom itinerary together with our team to fit your group travel needs.

We respect local communities, support social and environmental sustainability.

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