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Who are we, anyway?

Easy, digestible round trips or all-inclusive vacations are not really our thing. At SK Tours in Nature, we rather try to create sustainable experiences in Israel and its neighboring countries.


The members of our team are travel experts who draw their inspiration from a vast field of interests: We are theologians, art historians, anthropologists, film and soccer experts, hiking enthusiasts and culinary freaks. We come from Lake Constance, Jerusalem, Moscow, Cologne and even Düsseldorf. We speak Hebrew, German, Kölsch, Arabic, English and Russian – and interfaith dialogue also has a strong presence in our office.


Our founding around 30 years ago was inspired through the encounter with the desert. We strive to incorporate the power of nature into our diverse pilgrimage/hiking/encounter programs. We often escape popular travel routines and combine exciting culture with the experience of nature. Doing so, we meet people from all walks of life who comprise the kaleidoscope of our southern Levant – Israelis, Jordanians, Palestinians. Time and again, we are fascinated by how Jews, Christians and Muslims live side by side in a place they all claim as their “promised land.”


We believe in respectful and fair treatment of people and environment. Therefore, we work closely with socially engaged NGOs, small bus companies, artists, and musicians to foster authentic and long-lasting travel memories. Whenever possible, we stay at small, privately run hotels, kibbutz guesthouses and monasteries – places where we can experience personal hospitality and exciting local food.


On our hiking and trekking trips, we follow the “Leave-No-Trace” principal: We leave nothing behind – as if we were never there.

As the tour initiator or partner travel agent you are part of the team – from the initial idea to the realization of the trip.

Through continuous dialogue we develop your journey together – it’s a challenging but rewarding task for all of us!








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