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You want to get to know “God’s alchemist’s laboratory”?


Political / Encounter Tours

You want to get to know “God’s alchemist’s laboratory”?
With its special blend of “spicy” ethnic and religious conflicts?

You want to learn more about its successful integration of people from all over the world, its friction between East and West, tradition and modernity, religion and state?

You want to deepen your understanding of ancient educational traditions and plunge into a fascinating mix of people with diverse backgrounds which continue to surprise with technological and social innovations?

And then, on top of that, you also want to understand what all this has to do with you and the world?

If so, set off with us: Through visits to well- and lesser-known historical and religiously important sites and especially through encounters with people we want to get a closer look into “God’s alchemist’s laboratory”.


Optional to combine several countries on your tour (Israel, Jordan, Sinai/Egypt)

Create a custom itinerary together with our team to fit your group travel needs.


Our team will help you pick the meetings and encounters which fits the interests of your group.

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