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Concerts & Travel in Israel

You dream about bringing your choir or orchestra for a concert trip to Israel? 


You are invited! You are invited to a unique musical & cultural experience, combining musical performances with visiting sites of cultural and religious interest in Israel!

But: What’s about the logistical hurdles of such a concert tour to Israel?! How to connect up with interesting venues for concerts, how to bring in an interested audience? Who is going to organize the musicians for my choir-concert, who takes care of the instruments that can’t be taken on the plane?


MuSAIC – Concerts & Travel in Israel offers a broad network of contacts to religious and secular venues for concerts in Israel. It is an initiative of SK Tours in Nature with “Divas & Gentlemen”, an innovative music production & marketing company located in Tel Aviv/Jaffa, specializing on the development of new audience target-groups and on holistic audience experience.


Together with You we design your program: Where do you want to perform, and what places you would like to visit in the country. Beyond the overall organisation of the tour, we take responsibility for the musical logistics like recruiting instruments and connecting up with local musicians for the concerts.


Our Partner:


Nadia Raz-Chacham Krakotzkin is the founder and director of Divas & Gentlemen. Being a professional bassoonist herself, Nadia is a music producer with best contacts into the Israeli music world. She organizes events, festivals and workshops for classical and modern music. Between 2016-2020 she has been project manager of the Israeli Chamber Orchestra, Tel Aviv, and is today the Media & Marketing consultant of the Jerusalem Chamber Orchestra. Nadia is co-founder and deputy chairperson of the Israeli Musicians Union “Tzelilim”.

You can add tour days with different emphasis (culture, pilgrimage, encounter) to the trekking part of the tour

Create a custom itinerary together with our team to fit your group travel needs.

Which hiking level is right for my group? Easy, Moderate, Challenging… Our team will help you finding the right balance!

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