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“Free your mind,” “relieve your stress,” “forget about your routine…” That’s how I was lured into the desert.


Trekking Tours

“Free your mind,” “relieve your stress,” “forget about your routine…” That’s how I was lured into the desert.

It’s 4:30 AM. Darkest night. Am I completely crazy? Get up now? My inner revulsion is awfully strong. But the SK team greets us at 5:00 AM with hot coffee and a hiker’s breakfast. “It will be a perfect morning,” Tzachi had promised us last night. “Don’t move, just stay put,” whispers my inner clock. One tent over, they’re eagerly packing. There is no choice – I get out of my sleeping bag, unzip my tent, and then it happens: A glance at the breaking dawn brings certainty – I’m doing the right thing! It’s crazy, but here we go.

The first few hours are hard; your body has to adjust. But after that, you feel only awe for the magnificent rocky desert landscapes. A sense of freedom sets in that will only get stronger over the next few days.

There are many hiking trails running through the country, the most famous being the roughly 1,000-kilometer-long Israel National Trail, or “SHVIL” in Hebrew. You’ll experience tranquility and solitude, warmth and infinite vastness, especially in its desert sections. And nearly the entire Negev desert is a designated nature reserve, where only sustainable tourism is allowed – a habitat for native animals and plants.

The rocky Sinai desert seamlessly extends into the Eilat Mountains of the southern Negev. These landscapes not only offer spectacular scenery but have a spiritual dimension. They invite us to meditate or to retreats in the spirit of the desert hermits.

You can add tour days with different emphasis (culture, pilgrimage, encounter) to the trekking part of the tour

Create a custom itinerary together with our team to fit your group travel needs.

Which hiking level is right for my group? Easy, Moderate, Challenging… Our team will help you finding the right balance!

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